Metals We Recycle

Metal Solutions can accept materials in the following forms: solution, slurry, sludge, filtercake, powder, dross, and oily materials.

We accept the following packaging: tankers, totes, drums, roll-offs, Gaylord boxes, and super sacks.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of metals that are regularly processed at Metal Solutions’ facility in Arizona:

a pile of grainy tin particles on a white surface


Metal Solutions has been processing Tin-bearing byproducts at its
facility in Casa Grande, AZ since its inception in 2000. We are the world’s largest hydrometallurgical tin operation. We produce a high-grade Tin filtercake that goes to a smelter for conversion into pure Tin metal ingots, which is sold on the London Metal Exchange (LME). Our predominant materials are comprised of Tin, Oily Tin, Tin/Zinc, Tin/Copper, Solder, Babbit, Organotin, Tin dross, spent Tin catalyst and Tin-coated substrates.

a wet pile of soft copper mud


We have a strong presence within the Copper industry, however, we have absolutely no interest in becoming a scrap dealer. Our interests lie with recovering Copper units from complex metal-bearing materials. These materials are generally undesirable to most recyclers. We also have the capability of removing metallic coatings from Copper substrates. Our customers rely on us to recycle their spent Copper catalysts, Oily Copper-bearing materials, Tin/Copper, Lead/Copper, and Copper/Tungsten materials.

a pile of gravel-sized green nickel


We pride ourselves on developing unique processes that allows us to recover and generate a Nickel product that can be introduced back into the manufacturing circuit or further refined by a smelter. Our customers rely on us to recycle their spent Nickel catalysts, off-specification solutions, Nickel filtercakes, Nickel slurries or removing coatings from Nickel substrates.

fine light grey powdered zinc dust


Our hydrometallurgical processes allows us to optimize the chemistry required to obtain the best recovery rate and economic return for your Zinc material. Our customers rely on us to recycle their off-specification chemicals, spent Zinc solutions and Zinc dusts/powders and filtercakes.

a pile of lead in multiple rocky sizes


With our 40 years’ experience in the processing and recovery of Lead from complex metal-bearing materials, we have managed to grow our reach and reputation around the world. Over the years, we have developed long-lasting business relationships with both lead users and smelters alike. We pride ourselves on obtaining the best recovery rates and thus providing best economic returns for your material. Our customers rely on us to recycle their Lead flakes, Lead slimes, and Lead/Copper materials.

a beaker half full of blue liquid cobalt solution


The two most important applications of cobalt reside in alloys and in rechargeable batteries, our feed is generally a Nickel/Cobalt material containing some Precious Metals. We have the technical know-how needed to determine the chemical process required to separate various metals which will give the most value for your by products.

Our customers rely on us to recycle their Cobalt solutions, and Nickel/Cobalt filtercake.