Environmental Health & Safety


Metal Solutions is a zero landfill operation. This is maintained by analyzing and testing all new materials to ensure we only make high grade products from incoming materials. If we cannot process new material without maintaining our zero landfill policy, those materials will not be accepted.

Not only are we a zero landfill operation, but we have recycled over 25 million pounds of material that was destined to be landfilled in the USA alone.

We have a regulated waste water permit that allows us to discharge 25,000 gallons per day of clean salt water. Since we have been in operation Metal Solutions has never been out of compliance with any regulation at any time. We have been audited regularly by local authorities and many Fortune 500 Companies and have never failed an environmental audit.


We pride ourselves on running a unique, first class operation, which is reflected in our safety record. To date, we have not had a lost time accident since the operation began in 2000.